Salon Collects Long Hair For Good Cause

Most appeared a bit nervous when they walked into the hair salon. But all left with a feeling of self satisfaction.

A program called "Locks of Love" visited Ocean Springs Monday morning.

It collects hair that's used to make wigs for kids who've lost their hair to cancer treatment.

Those who sacrificed a part of themselves, say the end result is well worth a little anxiety.

"I'm about to let go of years of hair. My identity."

A part of Linda Tuck's identity was snipped away in a matter of seconds. She knows someone else will appreciate those long locks.j

"I've seen those cute little girls that don't have any hair. And so I thought that was a real good cause," said Tuck.

More than a dozen others helped support that cause. Todd Boswell's salon stayed busy all morning.

Rachel Newman liked her stylish, shorter hair. Giving up ten inches of hair means sacrificing several years of growth. But the motivation of how the hair will be used, makes it all worthwhile.

"Just seeing that it was going to go to something to help kids. I think that's the most important thing."

Salon manager Sally Saucier was pleased with the brisk turnout.

"A lot of 'em have been thinking about haircuts but were scared to cut their hair off and saw it on the news last night and just came running in with sweaty palms and said, 'I'm gonna do it'."

Parting with several years of hair growth isn't always the easiest. We could sense a little nervousness as Lori Penn let the scissors do their thing. Reaction comes instantly.

Penn felt the back of her head, and immediately noticed the difference.

"I feel a little different.  You can even tell the weight is gone."

Their long hair may be gone. But those locks will be put to good use.

By Steve Phillips