Waveland's Ground Zero Museum has a new exhibit

Waveland's Katrina Ground Zero Museum has a new exhibit, and it's on long-term loan from Mississippi Power. The power company is sharing two of its original Katrina paintings created by Mississippi artist, H.C. Porter.

The paintings once hung on the walls of the power company's headquarters in Gulfport. They are part of a collection of more than 80 Katrina paintings that were sold to people all over the nation. The two that will be displayed at the museum are called 'The Bradley' and 'The Chair.'

"As an artist to have the opportunity to have a permanent collection in a space that's dedicated solely to giving voice to Mississippi's experience with Hurricane Katrina is really beyond words. Of course I've got to thank all the people represented in the project, those 81 subjects that graciously shared their story of loss with me," said Porter.

Mississippi Power will sponsor an even larger exhibit of Porter's works and audio stories of the people she put on canvas. That exhibit is set to open in the spring.

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