Wife forgives woman who allegedly stabbed her husband to death

Sylvia Richardson with her husband Willie Richardson. (Photo source: WLOX News)
Sylvia Richardson with her husband Willie Richardson. (Photo source: WLOX News)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The wife of a murdered Coast man said the hurt of his death is even more unbearable because of feelings of anger and betrayal. On September 5, Willie Richardson, 33, was stabbed to death by another woman after what police investigators call a domestic dispute.

Now his wife, Sylvia Richardson, is trying to cope with both her husband's death. She also learned from police that the accused killer is someone her husband was romantically involved with.

"I still don't know how to say goodbye," said a tearful Sylvia Richardson. She said it hurts so much, "that he died at the hands of another woman and it could have been avoided."

Richardson is packing away the photos and other reminders of her life as Mrs. Willie Richardson. The couple was together for four years, three as man and wife. She said the marriage was happy at first, but then Willie started cheating. That led to a cycle of separating then her forgiving him and taking him back. She said he got baptized, started going to church regularly and seemed to be doing well, until this past March.

"In March, I don't really know where things started going wrong," said Richardson. "I was at school, and he packed up and left while I was at school."

Richardson said she can't understand why it was so hard for her husband to be faithful to their vows.

"I know he loved me without a shadow of a doubt. He told everybody about his wife," said Richardson. "I don't know what the deal is or what made him still want to be with somebody else if he said he loved me so much. "

Shakendra Galloway, 22, is in the Jackson County Jail accused of stabbing Willie Richardson outside of the Moss Point home where he'd been staying. Moss Point police told WLOX the pair had been involved in a romantic relationship and the stabbing allegedly happened during a domestic dispute.

Sylvia Richardson said she knew about the affair, but her husband was still calling to say he loved her and didn't want a divorce.

"He was still involved with two people and that's the thing that I don't understand," said Richardson.

Richardson said she knows she must forgive her husband and Galloway. She said despite her pain she still handled all of her husband's funeral arrangements. Still, she cries not only for herself, but also for her children's sorrow. She warns people thinking of being unfaithful to consider their family first.

"If you're married, but you want to mess with somebody else on the side, let your wife, your husband know that there's somebody else you want to see. Don't talk to the both of them because this is what it could end up being," said Richardson.

Shakendra Galloway remains in the Jackson County jail charged with second degree murder. The case has not yet been bound over to the grand jury. WLOX is attempting to reach Galloway's legal representation for comment. We'll bring you that information when we hear from them. His wife said she was told her husband was stabbed seven times.

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