Gautier Gators Field House is State of the Art

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The field house at Gautier is located at the North side of the stadium. It has become a sense of pride for the coaches, players and anyone associated with the high school

Gators head football coach Chris Peterson knows his program is going to benefit.

Peterson said,"We're so proud of this. It's just an immaculate building and it kinds of sets us apart from everybody else and we're luck to have it."

The players locker room is first class. Gautier kicking specialist Josh Penton says when a player walks inside the facility they know it's special.

"It's a sanctuary,"stated Penton. " We take care of it from top to bottom. No eating. No drinking. You name it, we're trying to keep in top shape because it's a blessing for us to have this facility and it treats us well."

Peterson and his coaching staff are taking advantage of a top notch weight room. Getting players bigger and stronger can only help in the goal of building a winning football team.

Chris Peterson said,"I think it instills a lot of pride. Just seeing that the school district got behind them and made just a big statement. This let's everybody know that we mean business. We're first-class and they're expecting us to compete on a very high level."

The coaches have their own accommodating area that's easily accessible.

There's also a class enclosed meeting room where coaches can discuss and draw up offensive and defensive schemes.

In the weight room there's a special logo...Gator Pride.

"We came up with something we thought the kids can identify with and there's actually a saying up under that, that says "go hard or go home." stated Peterson. "That's the first thing the players see once they enter the weight room. We work our kids year round and they know when we're in there, we're getting down to business."

Gautier linebacker Dante Tubbs said,"The new field house means we get rewarded for what we do. It makes everybody work harder and makes everybody come together more."