MDOT giving Cruisers safer, smoother ride along Highway 90

Roadwork underway on Highway 90 in preparation for Cruisin' the Coast. (Photo source: WLOX News)
Roadwork underway on Highway 90 in preparation for Cruisin' the Coast. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The State Transportation Department is sprucing-up Highway 90 in preparation for Cruisin' the Coast. This year, 5,988 vehicles have pre-registered for the event. That's 400-more vehicles than last year's Early Bird Registration. MDOT wants those cruisers to enjoy a safer and smoother ride along the highway.

Company's coming to the Gulf Coast, along with their classic cars. This week, MDOT is getting a jump start before the Cruisers converge along Highway 90.

"We are patching up some of our asphalt and some of our pipe crossings, and we're also cleaning up some of the sand on Highway 90. We're trying to get ready for Cruisin' the Coast. We want everything to look nice," said MDOT Project Engineer Mike Harter.

The huge pot hole in front of Seashore Oaks in Biloxi is now gone. Other dips and bumps along the roadway will also get a fresh layer of asphalt.

The work is a welcome sight for long-time Cruiser Emma Ryan.

"Oh, it's wonderful," she said.

Ryan drives a red 1990 Chrysler Le Baron convertible.

"Oh, very proud. This year, I get my antique tags. I'm so thrilled," she said.

And Ryan can show off her pride and joy while cruising on a smoother Highway 90.

"Especially to the low riders, because they can't go over bumps. It's so much better when it's smooth, less gas, less wear and tear on cars and everything. So they're doing a wonderful job," she said.

Coast drivers will also reap the benefits. In the meantime, they'll have to brace for slow downs, sudden stops, and lane shifts.

"We always have to shut down lanes whenever we do this kind of work and it is a minor inconvenience. But when it's finished and we're out of here, they're going to have a smoother surface to run and I think they'll be happy with it," said Harter.

The Highway 90 maintenance project will continue through next week. Cruisin' the Coast runs from October 5-12.

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