Goodwill to open new larger thrift store in Biloxi

Goodwill Industries Thrift store moving to larger space. (Photo source: WLOX News)
Goodwill Industries Thrift store moving to larger space. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Although it's only two doors down, Goodwill Industries said relocating its thrift store will be a big move toward better serving the public. Renovations are underway on a building on Pass Road in Biloxi.

Clothing, shoes and other donations constantly come though the Goodwill thrift store in Biloxi. The staff said space inside the current store is so tight they have to do all their sorting at this one table.

"We are in a very tiny space. We have probably just barely enough room to get by. About 1,000 square foot," said Val Ward, Retail Vice President. "This one we're moving up to 21-hundred square foot so we can get all the merchandise in there. We won't have to move it to different locations so the communities donations will better serve the communities."

Crews are busy transforming what will be the new thrift store. Along with more sorting space, customers will enjoy a sales floor that is 4,000 square feet larger than what Goodwill has now.

"We're going to have four extra employees and we're going to have hopefully more donations coming in," said Ward. "Hopefully it will increase our sales by 10 to 20 percent a month. Hopefully. I think it will. It's going to be a really nice store."

The building will also be the new home of Goodwill's Goodworks program which helps find jobs for the disabled out in the community with government agencies and businesses. Officials said because Good Works isn't widely known finding new employment contracts has been difficult. They hope moving from Judge Sekul Avenue to their new prime location on Pass Road will change that.

Vice President of Contracts Sue Rye said, "More exposure to let people know that Goodwill is also Mississippi Goodworks. We're hoping to receive more contracts which we do custodial, commissaries, postal just about anything. The store is expected to open the first week of October."

Goodwill officials said they purchased their new building. They decided to buy instead of renting to show their dedication to the community.

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