Shipbuilders react to air strikes on Syria

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The U.S. has launched a bombing campaign against terrorist's targets in Syria. The air strikes hit the Sunni militant group ISIS, as well as an Al Qaeda linked terror group called Khorasan, which U.S. officials said was planning an imminent attack on America.

Some of those missiles are being fired from U.S. Navy ships. Ingalls shipbuilders in Pascagoula who have a hand in helping construct vessels everyday that go into international waters to fight for our freedom.

The first wave of air strikes was carried out against ISIS and other terrorists' targets attempting to take over Syria and attack the U.S. caught the attention of many shipbuilders at Ingalls in Pascagoula.

"Whenever a missile is launched, we always see if it is one of our ships that launch the first missile. We take great pride in what we do here and we are passionate about the work," shipbuilder George Nungesser said.

Shipbuilder Brian Blanchette said the passion is also mixed with persistence during construction to build strong, sturdy vessels that can handle all kinds of tough military missions.

"What we do is purely to serve what the Navy is out there doing in the world to defend our freedoms. Just to be able to feel like we have a part in that and it drives it that much more home that we have to do our best, so they can be at their best," Blanchette said.

Shipbuilder Jimmy Ellis said it's also vital the ship used in battle have high tech capabilities and can help keep the service men and women safe.

"I hope everybody sees how important it is for us to do a good job everyday we come in here, and they see how important the ships are for the Navy and the sailors," Ellis said.

These shipbuilders said they will continue to pray for the nation, as the coalition air campaign continues in hopes of disrupting brutal terrorists groups.

"We are not 100 percent safe, and we are glad to hear that our military defending us. We knew it was coming," Blanchette said.

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