Jackson County Church Reaching Out To Hispanic Population

Father Kelleher is a native of Ireland, and not very good at speaking Spanish, but he feels it's important to try and accommodate this growing population. That's why Sacred Heart Church recently started having Spanish Mass on a regular basis.

"Within a few short years, like, four, five, ten years, maybe, the Catholic population in the United States will be way better than 50 percent Hispanic," Father Kelleher said.

Over the years, places like Texas and Florida have had the largest number of Hispanics, but the coast's image is bringing more of them here.

"The population in Miami and in New Orleans was overwhelmed by crime and too many things," St. Martin resident Carmen Meyer said. "It was too much, and they were looking for a place to settle down."

And Hispanics say that place to settle down is Jackson County for a lot of people because of the industries.

"Some of these people here when they came from the place they lived, probably 90 percent of them were very poor people. And before you know it, they found a place where they can work, making that money to have a better standard of living," Jamie Vendrell said.

That's why more and more Hispanics are calling the coast home.