Audio recordings released, Sheriff: 'The man betrayed me'

Jackson County Sheriff Charles Britt (Photo source: WLOX)
Jackson County Sheriff Charles Britt (Photo source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County Sheriff Charles Britt is defending himself after an audio recording was released by former sheriff's office employee Louie Miller. In the audio recording, Britt calls some of his employee's names and talks about the investigation by the State Auditor's office.

In the recording Britt said, "Holy *### then. When they walked into our building, he told me auditors in my building I really knew we were *#####. Those two dick heads upstairs lay and wait for a mistake."

Miller said he recorded the conversation he had last week with the sheriff. Britt had no idea he was being recorded until it was released to the media Thursday evening.

"The man betrayed me. The man knew prior to this taping that he was under investigation," Britt said. "He had already been told, so he goes and lines up this little meeting, loads his recorder and then tries to draw me into a conversation. I did get drew into that conversation. I was upset. I was very upset, because he allowed my agency, our agency, to be embarrassed again, and I was very upset. I used some language that I usually don't use."

The investigation and conversation involves the disposal of hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel from Singing River Island.

"I was very explicit about what we were going to do, handle it just like this, and I even used this example that one of the dick heads up stairs was going to get a hold of it and twist it, and that's exactly what happened," Britt said in the recording.

Britt said Miller wanted to give the waste fuel to a private citizen to use on his farm, and Britt said he agreed to the plan as long as it was documented in a report and approved by the comptroller and the board of supervisors.

"He didn't do any part of what the plan was, not from the very first step," Britt said. "The very first step was anything you take out of that fuel pump, you pump one ounce out, you document it."

In the recorded conversation, Miller told Britt he had been documenting it and has the paper in his truck. Miller said he has done nothing wrong.

"I feel strongly about I haven't done nothing," Miller said in the recording. "If I felt I was doing some chicken *### I wouldn't have gone in the middle of the day, and I wouldn't have walked in and told people what I was doing."

Britt said Friday he fired Miller for several reasons. The disposal of the fuel was just the latest.

As far as the taped recording, Britt had this to say, "It was a conversation between two friends, what I thought, so for my language to be pointed and abrupt or vulgar, whatever word you want to verge on, it's to get the point across to him that he was messing up and needed to correct his actions. I was trying to make a point. I deeply apologize to the people I may have singled out."

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