Building artificial dunes, what works?

As Sand Beach crews continue their efforts to battle erosion on the beach, officials are also looking at some techniques used previously. You may recall last winter an artificial dune was built on the beach in Gulfport.

An Atlanta based company built that dune using a special fabric that formed the core of the dune which was then planted with grasses and sea oats. So, how is that artificial dune doing now?

According to Harrison County Sand Beach Director, Chuck Loftis, the reviews are mixed. He says while the plants did well the process itself is simply too expensive.

"That has done well so far, the experimental spot they did. But it's quite expensive to do it that way. We found that doing it on the base elevation is a much cheaper route," said Loftis.

That artificial dune was designed to help reduce the amount of sand that blows off the beach and onto Highway 90.

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