WLOX Editorial: National Football League needs to set standards & be consistent

The National Football league and its players have become a center of entertainment, and excitement that ties so many cities and regions together. Right now, the NFL is awash in controversy over the "off the field" actions of some of its players.

As we look around in the stands, we see so many young people looking up to professional athletes. Like it or not, the players should be held to a high standard. They have become examples of how to do the right thing to become successful.

The league and its teams have to set consistent standards for dealing with those accused of criminal or moral wrongs. Maybe a special panel is needed to decide if the player stays on the field until the case is finalized. The panel's actions depending on the severity of the accusation.

If the league doesn't show the public it will do the right thing, then the court of public opinion will hurt the teams' and the league's future.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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