Moss Point Sees Population Drop Since Last Census

Moss Point has a natural beauty, with water scenes and moss trees everywhere. So, why are so many people leaving the area?

"Moss Point is kind of congested," area resident Shelby Glaude said. "There's not really a lot of home sites now. So, I think that probably one reason they'll probably move out."

Another Moss Point resident, James Winters agrees. "I think most of them are moving out to like Hurley, places like that, where their neighbors are not so close."

"I think they went where there was availability of rental property and availability of new housing starts," Mayor Louis Jackson said.

Mayor Jackson one new project will play a major role in increasing the population in Moss Point. It's a new subdivision where about 40 new homes will be built. Jackson says it's just one thing the city is doing to help bring more people to the area.

"Community development arms is working on the last phase of their new homes, and there are ten in that group. And we see a lot of new construction going on," Mayor Jackson said. "There is a new subdivision going up just across the river. It's in the neighborhood of 75 or 80 lots."

Residents say other reasons for the decline include lack of recreation, trash on the streets, and high taxes. But with new houses going up, and other improvements being made, they are hopeful that more people will take notice.

"Moss Point is kind of looking at areas where they can rebuild and attract different things here, so hopefully it will get better. I hope so because I don't plan to go anywhere. I love Moss Point," Glaude said.

City leaders say they are confident that when the next census comes out in 2010, Moss Point will have one of the highest population increases on the coast.