Foggy Weather Causes Highway 90 Wrecks

Police lights were on, but in the thick morning fog, they could barely be seen. The visibility problem led to a handful of Highway 90 wrecks. "Just one after another," Pass Christian officer Josh McConnell said. "We had six in the last hour."

Six accidents on a fog covered highway right next to the Pass Christian Wal Mart. And it wasn't even 9:00 a.m.

Robert Davis was fighting the fog as he drove to school. "Very scary," he said. "That was my first wreck." Davis was driving east, heading to Gulfport. His car never made it there. "A truck was stopped on the road," he said. "And I slammed on the brakes. I couldn't avoid it."

Officer McConnell couldn't believe how daring drivers seemed to be on the foggy highway. "They're going too fast in the condition it's in," he said. "The fog is too bad. And they're driving like it isn't foggy."

The scariest wreck may have been the one that startled Pass Christian police. "We were working two, and a third one we all watched," McConnell remembered. That accident was on the westbound side of the foggy highway. "All you heard was tires screeching and people screaming. So we all jumped out of the way," the officer said.

Six accidents. No tickets. Pass Christian police blamed mother nature for the morning mess.

As a precaution, ambulances took three of the accident victims to the hospital. Their injuries weren't considered serious.