Officers Will Teach Kids About Healthy Living

Coast police officers will soon be teaching school children about the importance of healthy living. On Saturday, officers from Biloxi, Gulfport and the Harrison County Sheriff's Department took part in a training session to learn how to teach kids to take good care of themselves.

The program is called Working Against Tobacco by Choosing Health. Using visual aids, the officers will teach first through fourth graders things like good hygiene and proper nutrition. Participants say police officers are the perfect messengers for young children.

Jimmy Johnson of Partnership for a Healthy Harrison County said "By using the school resource, officers we can reach over 15,000 children in Harrison County plus they have the opportunity to see that police officer again and making friends with them."

"We're in uniform so the kids look up to us when we're in there presenting this," Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy Shannon Nobles said. "We know about drugs and know a lot about what drugs do you because we see it every day.

The program should be in coast classrooms by the end of the month.

by Danielle Thomas