Failed drug test means bond revoked for pill mill suspect

Joshua Locke (Photo source: Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Joshua Locke (Photo source: Harrison Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - One of the men accused in an illegal pill mill ring is back in jail after failing a drug test and admitting to authorities he recently used drugs. Monday, a federal judge revoked Joshua Locke's bond.

Locke and two other former casino employees are accused of recruiting customers to come to their homes and buy hydrocodone and oxycodone from Georgia Dr. Sanjay Sinha, who is not licensed in Mississippi. According to the DEA, the illegal activity went on since at least 2009.

According to court testimony, Locke was released from jail in March to go to rehab, where he was treated for a prescription pain pill addiction. After completing 60 days in rehab, Locke was allowed to remain free under certain provisions, one being he does not use alcohol or drugs.

Friday, Locke was arrested after failing a drug test. According to a probation officer, Locke admitted to doing heroin, roxies (which is the street name for oxycodone), and hydrocodone. Locke also told a probation officer that he had a drug dealer living in his shed behind the house where he lived with his ex-wife and four children.

The probation officer also told the court while out on bond, Locke was unemployed and had too much time on his hands to be tempted by drugs.

Locke's mother took the stand Monday and told a judge she would watch her son and make sure he attends treatment if he's allowed to bond out of jail.

In the end, the judge ruled to revoke Locke's bond. He will now remain in jail until trial in December.

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