Gaming commission chairman 'optimistic' about South Mississippi

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The chairman of the Mississippi gaming commission says he remains optimistic about the long-range strength of the coast casino market.

"There are no other 20-year-plus markets that are building casinos right now, and we are," said John Hairston, Mississippi Gaming Commission Chairman. "The reason is because the investors that look and see where do I want to put capital work, look at the Mississippi coast. They see a revitalized community. They see a focused community. They see people that are determined to make this a broader offering than just gaming."

Hairston said he does not expect the South Mississippi gaming industry to see the type of setback that Atlantic City is now experiencing. Multiple casino properties are closing there.

He said one difference that sets the local market apart is a healthy mix of tourist attractions and special events other than gaming that keep visitors interested.

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