Christmas On The Avenue Celebrated In Long Beach

It's billed as a great way to escape the Christmas shopping crowds and get some shopping done all at the same time.

"We hope that we can increase our crowds every year and our vendors will be happy," said Coordinator Lynn Kellogg .

"They'll sell a little. People will get some Christmas shopping done, and the family can come out and spend the day," she said.

It's the fifth Annual Christmas On The Avenue, a day when Long Beach's busy Jeff Davis Avenue becomes an open market place for foot traffic only.

The benefits are measured in the boost it provides for local downtown merchants and good it does as a primary fund raiser for the Long Beach Choral Department.

"It's a choir fundraiser for Long Beach High School Choir, says Kellogg.

"A lot of the Merchants in Long Beach also depend on this for walk in Traffic in there businesses. Increasing their publicity a little bit," she added.

For local vendors like Dean Ramsay, owner of Black Dog Pottery, the reasons for a successful selling season are two fold.

"I have a son that's in the choir program, the Tropical Wave, so this is a fund raiser for them, plus what we can't fund raise I use this to help subsidize paying some of the fees and travel expenses," said Ramsay.

For others, it's a good chance to show off their homemade seasonal items.

Debra Bird, owner of A Stitch Out of Time crafts says people love her wreaths.

"They're like, we need these for our front door," says Bird.

"So that's good, and we've sold a lot of Christmas pillows and Christmas little picture frames," she added.

There's also plenty of interest in items that are gift wrapped for the holidays but good for any occasion.

"We like to support the choir, the Long Beach Choir, so we just love it out here," said Toni Gautier of Gautier Jelly.

"And nothing says Merry Christmas like Mayhaw Jelly," he added.