Radio Party Attracts Thousands

The Tom Joyner "Sky Show" landed at the coast coliseum Friday morning.

Joyner is a nationally syndicated radio host. His program provides a mix of music, comedy and current events.

The Mississippi visit combined the expected entertainment with a voter registration drive aimed at the upcoming vote on the state flag.

"This is the wildest "Sky Show" ever. There's two shows: the one you see and the one you hear."

Joyner pumped up the early morning crowd that was already excited.

Thousands of fans came to the coliseum before dawn to "see" the Tom Joyner morning show. And it was a wild time. This traveling radio team is fueled by laughs.

"It's the jokes and they involve the crowd. And they just put everybody on. And it's a good time," said Biloxi resident, Kim Burbridge.

Bobby Womack provided the live music. Tom Joyner pushes what he calls "old school music". It's something you can dance to. Several competitors strutted their stuff for the "old school" dance contest. Eleshia Broch of Gulfport shook her way to first place.

Tom Joyner promotes his road show as a party with a purpose. And that purpose today is raising money for historically black colleges and universities. And registering folks to vote.

Volunteers worked at voter registration tables in the coliseum lobby.

The drive is aimed at getting a strong turnout for the state flag vote on April 17th.

"The flag vote is important because we're looking to vote for a flag for a new Mississippi. A flag that represents all people," said Willie Wanzo, who represents Keepers of the Pledge.

The state N-double-ACP president also echoed the importance of the upcoming vote.

"Now it's incumbent upon all the people of Mississippi to get out and vote on April 17th, realizing that we're going to make a change," said Eugene Bryant.

It was a bit of politics mixed in with the early morning entertainment. And the fans would agree that Tom Joyner seemed easily able to pull it all together.