Lynn Meadows looking for volunteers for fall cleaning

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is looking for volunteers to help spruce up the children's museum for the fall. The center's marketing director said volunteers are needed to help make repairs, paint, clean and do landscaping.

"Of course, it takes a lot of manpower and we need volunteers to help. We would welcome anyone who wants to come and lend a hand," said Sonja Gillis Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Marketing and Public Relations Director.

Thousands of people visit the center every season, for its creative exhibits and educational  workshops.

"We want our guests to come into a facility that is nice and clean. We clean daily, but doing things like painting and stuff like that, we don't want to do when people are here,"said  Gillis.

Lynn Meadows will close be closed September 15th through the 17th for the fall cleaning. To volunteer to help with the fall cleaning call 228-897-6039.

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