Before dawn start for some Scarlet Pearl construction

Construction has been underway at the future site of the  Scarlet Pearl Casino in D'Iberville for a couple of months now. Residents near the construction site have seen a lot of  activity in their neighborhood during that time.

The Roy Anderson Corporation is over the project and recently  sent a letter to those residents explaining upcoming construction. In the letter the contractors let homeowners know that concrete pouring will be starting soon and on those days the work will begin at three in the morning.

Several residents living near the site don't have a problem with the progress. Teresa Puzz said, "The construction's gone really well.  It's been organized. They're out there working hard and  it hasn't caused any problems that I can tell."

"I don't mind it at all," said Jeremy Jones.  He added, "I think that  this is going to be good for the whole community. I think they're trying to be respectful, which is great, you know."

This next phase of construction starts Thursday. The Scarlet Pearl is scheduled to be completed by New Year's Eve 2016.

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