Undercover Drug Buy Highlights Problem

A team of Biloxi investigators held a 1:30 p.m. briefing.

"Once 'Jack and Jill' make it up the hill, all teams will hold surveillance locations," one of the undercover officers told his team.

Jack and Jill were the code names used on this drug buy. The officers provided surveillance while two of their informants went shopping.

John Miller heads up the Biloxi narcotics team.

"These are very important," he said. "Kind of keeps them at bay, never lets them or allows them to move off of that lower level of dealing."

Two unmarked police cars followed Jack and Jill as they approached their target. But the suspected drug dealer wasn't there.

"He may be in there sleeping. Who knows?," Miller said. "For some reason, he may be scared today, and decided today he isn't going to do anything."

Police sent the informants to three known drug areas before a purchase could finally be heard over the scanner. It took just 35 minutes to go from the police station to the three drug infested areas and back to the station house.

"What we're going to do is test it and see if it tests out positive for cocaine," he explained.

If the substance turned blue, it was cocaine.

"And it absolutely did," said Miller. "This buy tells us we've still got a little more work to do. In the near future, the person who sold us this will undoubtedly go to jail on this charge."