Stone Co. man wanted for making ice, spice, shroom tea and more

Floyd Creamer (Photo source: Stone County Sheriff's Department)
Floyd Creamer (Photo source: Stone County Sheriff's Department)

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A search is underway for a Stone County man narcotics officers say turned his Perkinston home into a one-stop-shop drug operation. Investigators said an arrest warrant has been issued for Floyd Creamer, 54, for a laundry list of felony drug charges.

The discovery came after a Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics flyover spotted marijuana growing on the 5,000 acre property Creamer lives on. Law enforcement officials said the set up they found at Creamer's house was unlike anything they had ever seen in Stone County.

"We never expected to find this many different types of drugs in one house," said Capt. Jay Green, of the Stone County/Wiggins Narcotics Task Force.

When narcotics officers arrived at Creamer's house on O'Neal Road, they found a meth lab, marijuana grow and a spice making operation all wrapped into one. Officials said they found 12 grams of commercial grade methamphetamine, making it the first time law enforcement had seen ice in Stone County.

"I think he was what I would refer to as a one-stop-shop. He had a little bit of everything," Green said. "Everything we opened, whether it be a drawer or a matchbox or Altoid can. I think we found dope he forgot about to be honest with you. Every box we turned over had some type of paraphernalia or some type of dope in it."

Investigators said a search of Creamer's home also uncovered 24 pounds of shroom tea. Officials said people who use this powerful hallucinogen can become dangerous and out of control.

"We've had cases here in Stone County where people were under the influence, and it was very difficult for us to subdue them and get them under control," Green said. "Their mind is not in a natural state. They don't understand normal things, and their inner fears come out. If someone fears something, they believe everything is that fear."

Officers said the operation on O'Neal Road is unique and causes them to wonder how many more operations are out there that they don't know about.

"It tells me that things are getting more sophisticated. They're always trying to find new ways to stay one step ahead of us," Green said.

Green said law enforcement considers Creamer to be what's called a "novelty meth maker." They said he makes meth and takes great pride in his work, but doesn't use it. They said he has a heart condition and using the drug could kill him.

Creamer is facing various drug charges including possession, possession with intent to distribute and manufacturing. All are felony charges and many carry up to 30 years in prison upon conviction.

If you have any information about Creamer's whereabouts, please call the Stone County Sheriff's Department at 601-928-7251.

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