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Kitchen Cops; Ten low performers

There were 10 low performers this week. (Source: MGNOnline) There were 10 low performers this week. (Source: MGNOnline)
MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Sunset Bar & Grille, which operates out of the Wydham Garden Hotel in Guntersville scored a 79 with the Marshall County Health Department. The inspector reported the walk-in cooler was running eleven degrees too warm. The restaurant also lost points because of a broken ice scoop and a fryer basket with loose wires.

Café 72 in Athens scored a 73. The inspector reported food items in two refrigerators were four to 14 degrees above the required cold holding temperature. Café 72 also lost points because they were using cracked plastic containers.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: There are two food establishments named Cafe 72 in the area. The one inside of the Citgo at 2064 Highway 72 East in Huntsville scored a 99 with the Madison County Health Department.]

The Cracker Barrel in Guntersville scored an 84. The inspector reported a cooler under the grill holding chicken, fish and cheese was running 7 to 9 degrees too warm. Also, there was no measurable sanitizer in the dish washing machine.

An 80 for The Village Mart in Athens. They lost points because pizza ingredients in a cooler were a few degrees above the required temperature.

Bonnie's Bogeys in Guntersville scored an 80. The inspector reported they used home canned peppers in beverages, and that the ice bin and a soda nozzle needed cleaned.

The Piggly Wiggly Deli in Albertville scored an 84. The inspector reported a chicken sandwich and a barbeque sandwich for sale in a warmer were below the required hot-holding temperature.

An 80 for the Brindlee Mountain Food Mart in Union Grove. The lost points for using home canned products and not sanitizing properly.

The S & Z Supermarket in Athens scored a 71. They lost points because there was no sanitizer in a sink used for washing dishes.

The Greenbrier Fuel City on Swancott Road in Madison scored an 83. The inspector took off points because pizza and other food items in a warmer were 20 to 33 degrees below temperature, and because the ice maker was rusty.

The Wheeler Dam Market in Rogersville scored an 80. A Lauderdale County health inspector reported hot food items for sale in a display case weren't hot enough, eight to 12 degrees below temperature. Also, employee drinks were discovered in a cooler with food.

It takes an 85 or higher to get off of the health department reinspection schedule. The Waffle House in Athens did just that, scoring an 85, nine points better than last time. For the most recent health inspection scores, log on to the Alabama Department of Public Health Food Establishment Scores

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