Mayor Holloway Touts Spending In State Of The City Address

Mayor A. J. Holloway spent much of his State of the City address talking about a variety of projects that the city started or completed in the year 2000.

During that year, the city of Biloxi spent $30.3 million on several projects. It's more than any other time in the city's history. And up significantly, even from 1999 when the city spent just over $14 million.

Biloxi spent nearly $10 million for the new Public Safety Center, which was dedicated last August.

More than $3 million went to purchase the property next to Tullis Manor, which will be the site of Biloxi's Tricentennial Park and the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum.

Acquiring property on Caillavet Street so it can be widened cost the city nearly $3 million last year.

And the city has spent more than $15 million on street and drainage projects all over Biloxi.

"Now, I've been saying, 'we spent money here and we spent money there,' but this is not actually spending money," Mayor Holloway said. "This is investing money in our future. For several years, we've had the best-trained, the best-equipped and the best-paid police and fire departments around, and we're getting results on our investment."

One of Holloway's biggest rivals in this year's mayoral race was listening in during the State of the City address. Democrat FoFo Gilich says he doesn't have a problem with the projects that Holloway mentioned, but he says the Mayor could have accomplished those without spending so much money.

He also has a problem with Holloway's statement that he cut property taxes. No one saw those cuts because of county reappraisal and Gilich says Holloway should have cut taxes a long time ago to prepare for that.

"That would have reduced the impact of reappraisal," Gilich said. "Those should have been done back five or six years ago, so I do have a problem with what's been going on."

  • Click here to go to the city of Biloxi's web site where you can read the full text of the Mayor's State of the City address.