Synthetic LSD overdoses under investigation in Diamondhead

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - Two Hancock County teenagers appear to have overdosed on what is believed to be synthetic LSD. That's according to Commander Jeremy Skinner with the Hancock County Narcotics Division. Skinner also said investigators believe they've identified the person who was the source, but current Mississippi law is making it difficult to charge the person with a crime.

Skinner told WLOX News Diamondhead police and the county narcotics division responded to two separate incidents over the weekend. The first call occurred late Friday night, when Diamondhead officers were called to a disturbance.

Upon arrival, Skinner said they found an extremely combative man. When officers tried to gain control of the teenager, he turned his aggression towards the officers. Officials say he was hit twice with a stun gun, but due to the drugs in his system, it didn't affect him. That's when officers realized something was wrong and called for an ambulance. Skinner said the teen was taken to an area hospital, where he was placed in a medically induced coma in an attempt to save his life from what was determined to be a drug overdose.

Just one day later, Diamondhead officers were called to a drug overdose involving a female teenager. Agents say while the girl was not aggressive, she showed many of the same symptoms as the teenager from the night before. She was also taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for the drug overdose-like symptoms.

Skinner said initial medical test for the male teenager did not show any controlled substances in his system that would cause such overdose-like symptoms. Narcotics agents then turned their attention to synthetic drugs, because they don't show up on a standard drug test panel.

After interviewing witnesses and gathering information, agents were able to determine that both teenagers took the same drug. It was a synthetic chemical compound which mimics the effects of LSD, also commonly called "Lucy." Investigators also determined the synthetic drug came from the same source and most likely the same batch.

Skinner told WLOX News investigators have identified the person they believe is the supply source of this synthetic chemical compound and will continue to explore all avenues for criminal charges. However, agents are facing many obstacles when it comes to synthetic drugs.

Skinner said this synthetic drug, like much of the "spice" found on the streets, does not contain any of the chemical compounds that match what is listed in the Mississippi State statute. The way the statute is currently written, laws have to play catch up. Skinner said as new chemical compounds are added to the statute, the manufacturers of these synthetic drugs have already moved on to a new compound.

Skinner said the Hancock County Narcotics Division will continue to do everything in its power to address this problem.

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