On a mission to honor the Greatest Generation

A husband and wife on a cross country mission to honor World War II veterans made a stop in Gulfport Monday. Auston and O'Neill stopped by the Armed Forces Retirement Home to visit with the veterans and thank them  for their service.

The couple is part of a grassroots, non-profit campaign called Keep the Spirit of 45' Alive which is dedicated to spreading the word about the second Sunday in August which Congress declared Spirit of'45 Day to honor the Greatest Generation.

"I'm doing this to honor my dad. He's a World War II Veteran and when he died he did not have Taps played over his casket. He had a boom box and they played it. And, I heard about an organization called Buglers Across America started by Tom Day. I called him and asked him if I could join because I didn't want another World War II Veteran to be buried without Taps and five years ago I got involved with the Spirit of '45," said Auston O'Neill.

Auston O'Neill was diagnosed with cancer last year and that's when the couple decided to go on a mission across the country to thank veterans. The two left in February and have traveled to 43 states so far.

Keep the Spirit of 45'Alive is also encouraging everyone to host celebrations in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II next August.

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