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Myra Lewis 'help find me' network

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Next week marks six months since Myra Lewis disappeared from her home in Camden.

While law enforcement continues to follow leads in the case, members in the community are leading the charge to keep the search going, through the help of social media.

With over 10 thousand likes, the Myra Lewis 'help find me" Facebook page is connecting Mississippians dedicated to finding the missing toddler.

At Choice copy service, thousands of flyers with Myra's face and information are being printed off. The company and employees donating their time and materials to the cause.

Gina Quick, who works in the E Discovery department of Choice copy said, "I wanted to do what I could. I knew I could pray and if I can donate copies, anything I could do to help find that baby that's what I wanna do."

The network of volunteers even help deliver the flyers from the printer, to the distributor.

Noah singleton is driving the flyers from Jackson to Canton in his free time.

Singleton said, "I wanted to keep her name and face out there until she was found."

This batch of flyers, headed to the Domino's pizza on Highway 22, where staff members put them on pizza boxes, to be distributed throughout the city.

Richard Cox said, "We wanna see this little girl come home she's missing. She needs to be home with her family."

This past weekend the Facebook followers organized a ribbon event in Canton. The team of Myra supporters, connected through her mysterious disappearance.

Giving hope to the Lewis family, as they continue to plea for her safe return.

Ericka Lewis said, "She wants her mom, she wants her sisters, she wants her dad. I know she's ready. I'm ready for her to come home."

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