Good advice to beat the heat

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - A power blower provides the only breeze for these Ocean Springs public works employees, busy cleaning up near a major intersection.

Across town, other workers are fixing a street. In the heat, hydration is the first rule, according to Ocean Springs Public Works Director Andre' Kaufman.

"We provide ample Gatorade, ice, ice water, rest times in the heat of the day," Kaufman explained.

Under a blazing sun, Rabert Wade and his crew are building a boathouse. He has a few tips.

"As you can see, I bought a new hat for the sun because it can cook you. We go through about five gallons of water a day easy. You've got to watch out for each other in this heat. If you don't, it could cause you some serious problems," Wade said.

Even in the shade, auto mechanics working in a tin building feel like they're working in an oven.  One of them is Ben Simpson.

"There's not much you can do to beat the heat in here because of the way the wind blows. It just never cools down. We have a couple of big fans in here to keep us a little cool," Simpson said.

Shop owner Dan Nord keeps a watchful eye on his workers.

"I make sure they get plenty to drink and if they seem to be getting too hot, take a break and cool down. We work inside a metal building so it gets real hot and so we just expect a little bit less out of them," Nord explained.

While there are several common sense things you can do to protect yourself while working outside in the heat, like taking frequent breaks and drinking plenty of water, another key is also education.

"We bring in specialists that do training classes so they are aware of heat symptoms and what to look for in each other. We depend on the fellow workers," Kaufman said.

Even just enjoying the outdoors comes with some good advice from bicyclist Bradley Randall.

"The main thing is don't over exert yourself and know your limitations and keep plenty of water with you and make sure you're well hydrated," Randall said.

Follow those rules, and beating the heat won't be so hard. Temperatures for the rest of the week are expected to be in the more normal range for this time of year, with highs about 90 and overnight lows in the upper 70s.

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