Actor Scott Bakula portraying South MS man

A South Mississippi man is being portrayed by actor Scott Bakula in a new NCIS spin-off being filmed in New Orleans right now. D'Wayne Swear was a Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agent. He ran the New Orleans office for many years.

"Well I retired from NCIS in 2010 and went with the Hancock County Sheriff's Office. Some friends of mine had leadership over there. And then I got a cold call about a year ago and they asked me if I'd help them out with an episode of NCIS and it blossomed to this. It was crazy," said Swear.

Swear is now a technical advisor for "NCIS: New Orleans." "Well one of the things I like about being a technical advisor is it takes me to that mentor-ship role I really enjoy. Being a senior guy in law enforcement, as long as I've been in law enforcement, I enjoy teaching young men and women. And, over here I'm teaching them as well as far as what's right, the legalities of things. And, they are very interested in doing it right. Though it is entertainment and there is creative licensing, we are focused on reality," said Swear.

Swear added, "They will ask me questions about as far as the sets, do they look like this? Would we do this in a certain investigation? What logical steps would we do? And they will do that."

Swear said, "The writers are phenomenal. They'll ask me how this is done. And they will fit it in some kind of way."

So how real are the sets, like the NCIS crime lab? "It's pretty real," said Swear. " You know just everything, even the reaction from the people who came in from other departments to see this have said this is just like working from home. I mean I'm at work. The whole thing is phenomenal."

Swear said Bakula is doing a good job portraying him. "He's very attention to detail," said Swear.

"NCIS:New Orleans" starts next month on WLOX CBS.

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