Cocaine Bust The Latest Coast Drug Arrest

As John Miller cut open a box filled with suspected cocaine, the narcotics detective talked about how Biloxi police confiscated it from the car of a Texas woman.

Miller said a patrolman "started talking with her and realized she was much, much too nervous for somebody who was getting stopped on a simple traffic violation."

Sure enough, the Tuesday traffic stop on I-10 became a narcotics bust.

"This was in the dashboard in the vehicle," holding up one of the confiscated bricks. "This is pure cocaine here."

Biloxi police confiscated seven aluminum foil wrapped bricks, and four packages covered in black tape. The packages contained 21.6 pounds of what police suspected to be cocaine -- with a hefty street value.

"Close to a million dollars," said Miller.

This time, the narcotics never made it to the streets.

"I think that's us," said Miller, referring to how officers have taken a bite out of the drug trade. "I think we hit that issue, street level narcotics, so hard over the last few years, people are afraid to do that."

In the last six years, drug arrests reported to the Mississippi Coast Crime Commission have gone down. In 1999, just more than 3,500 people were arrested on drug charges. That number fell to 2,765 in 2002. It jumped to 3,295 last year. Through September of this year, 2,521 drug arrests have been made across the three coastal counties.

Miller said he's noticed the drop.

"You're not going to have multiple people running up to the car, buy my dope, buy my dope kind of thing. You don't see that anymore," he said.

Police do see suspected drug runners heading east on I-10. That was the case Tuesday, when officers confiscated evidence that could send a Texas woman to prison.

Melaine Louise Jammer was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine. The 27 year old bonded out of the Harrison County Jail on Wednesday.