Fiesta Gulfport MS takes brings Latin culture to port city

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - On Saturday, the Barksdale Pavilion at Jones Park in Gulfport was the hot spot for the first ever Fiesta Gulfport Mississippi.

The party attracts folks from all over with Latin food, fun rides and all types of live bands sharing the stage. An audience watches one of many eye catching spectacles on the main stage. Several Mexican folk dancers move in colorful costumes to the music.

"It's the energy of the music. The music is fun. It's got a lot of beats and everything and I like beats," said Lorraine Robinson.

Organizers of the first ever Fiesta Gulfport Mississippi believe bringing the Mexican and Latin cultural event to the port city has been overdue.

"I think as this country is evolving and the demographics are changing that people can really come out and see what it's all about, what really the Hispanic culture that we have just a bunch of different cultures for the public to see," said event organizer Castorena.

Throughout the covered pavilion guests had their choice of carnival food or authentic Mexican dishes.

"I tried the tacos down the way and his tacos are excellent," said Robinson.

"We have Taco Cabana behind me. They are new around the area. They are actually out of Texas, south Texas and this is the first time they ever introduced this type of food down here," said Castorena.

Included in the ticket price were unlimited rides. Though the heat may have kept some off the rides, the bull ride was especially popular. There were also several vendors including a face painting booth.

Perhaps the biggest crowd pleasing aspect to this event was the dance twist and turns down by the performers wearing the multi-colored costumes.The event ended Saturday at midnight.

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