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Your Week in Viral Videos: You should be using sunscreen

Summer is ending but it's never too late to learn how to protect yourself from the sun. (Source: Thomas Leveritt/YouTube) Summer is ending but it's never too late to learn how to protect yourself from the sun. (Source: Thomas Leveritt/YouTube)

(RNN) – Children and college students across the country have been making their way back to school in recent weeks.

It can be a depressing time, so the Holderness family has returned with a cheerful video celebrating the return to learning. Who is the Holderness family? Well, they're the goofy people who danced around last year in ridiculous Christmas pajamas and have made a plethora of other videos of reasonably high quality.

Now they're back (to school) with a parody of Baby Got Back that almost makes you glad summer is coming to an end. Almost.

Video producers, take note. This is the right way to do it, unlike the commercial for East Hills Mall in St. Joseph, MO, which is the wroooooong way.

Sunscreen is a sun screen

Speaking of the summer ending, this might be a little late, but it's still a good idea to learn how to protect yourself from the sun.

The simple answer is to apply sunscreen, but it goes a little deeper than that. An ultraviolet light was employed to show people how the sun “sees” you.

(SPOILER ALERT: When you're wearing sunscreen, it doesn't see you.)

Hey, give that back!

Little kids are so gullible and get upset over the simplest of things, like someone pulling their ear off.

If somebody pulled your ear off with their hand, you'd probably cry too, but in this kid's case, he fell victim to the classic “I got your nose” trick, and was devastated.

But even after having his ear detached and being traumatized by the experience, he volunteered to have his nose removed too. Lucky for him, though, his father was able to reattach both of them.

It's OK to cry

Speeches by coaches typically go viral only after the game is over and the speech was somehow responsible for the win. Speeches following losses are only viral worthy if you are Tim Tebow or Dave Belisle.

Tebow you're probably familiar with, but even his speech led to an eventual national championship. Belisle is a little league coach from Rhode Island who framed a Little League World Series elimination by his team perfectly by explaining to them that even in a loss, you can inspire people with your hard work and effort and that just making the Little League World Series is something to be celebrated.

There may not be any more baseball for them, but they will always have their friendships and memories.

Animal of the Week

A grouper is a large fish that has to swallow its meals whole because it doesn't have many teeth and can't bite the way other animals do. Grouper typically eat fish, lobster, crab and octopus. Oh, and sharks. They eat sharks too.

More stuff for when you're bored

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gotten out of control, but it's helping raise millions of dollars for ALS research and some people have used it as a way to draw attention to other causes as well. Some people are against it for various reasons (for example, the Catholic church objects to the research methods the money will help fund), and if you aren't certain that all your Facebook friends are making any sort of impact, give this guy a chance to convince you otherwise.

Apparently (No, not the Apparently Kid. It's just a word being used in proper context. Oh, forget it.), we know the sound of a lion roaring is terrifying from birth. However, we also know when there's no lion around and can smile due to the lack of danger.

Nick Offerman thinks about random things while in the shower and decided to share those thoughts with the world.

A motorcyclist crashed into the back of a car and then landed on his feet on that car's roof. If you believe this is real, more power to you. (WARNING: This video contains what is likely Belarusian profanity.)

Whales. They're just like us.

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