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Painting Canton pink for Myra Lewis

Canton Square (Source: MsNewsNow) Canton Square (Source: MsNewsNow)
Ericka Lewis, mother of Myra, puts up fliers  (Source: MsNewsNow) Ericka Lewis, mother of Myra, puts up fliers (Source: MsNewsNow)
CANTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Mississippi woman who knows the pain of losing a child, organized an event in Canton to help a Camden family find their missing little girl.

Volunteers dedicated part of their Saturday to paint Canton pink with ribbons in an effort to keep missing two-year-old Myra Lewis on people's minds.

Lewis went missing from her Camden home on March 1st.

Nearly six months later the community continues to support the Lewis family in the search for Myra.

"I just want my baby home. I just want my baby's been a long struggle without her," said Myra's father Gregory Lewis.

Volunteers had thousands of flyers with Myra's face on them to pass out to the community.

Lewis, his wife Ericka, their children and several complete strangers filled the streets of Canton's square with fliers, pamphlets, ribbons and bows to make sure people are still on the lookout for missing two-year-old Myra.

"Like I've always said drop her off in a public place and just leave. You know her face is out there. Someone will know who she is and contact proper authorities," Lewis added.

Not a day goes by when Myra's family doesn't think about their sweet little angel and they hope that painting Canton pink with these ribbons and flyers will keep others from forgetting her too.

I can't really put myself in the Lewis' shoes, but I know what it feels like not to have your child," said Barbara, Organizer for the event for Myra.

Barbara, a north Mississippi resident, lost her son in a car wreck and organized Saturday's outreach for Myra. She met the Lewis family for the first time Friday.

"She did not have to do this. I mean she took it upon herself to come her from north Mississippi as of yesterday and she said she's going to see this thing all the way through until our baby comes home," Lewis said.

Barbara said local businesses contributed the ribbons and bows and the Choice Copy Company donated 9,000 fliers.

"I feel like she needs all the help she can get from anybody and everybody," Barbara added.

Marguerite Blackmon "A little angel like that to be missing and I share that because I have a 2-year-old grandson and he's just a jewell. And if anything happened to him I don't know what I would do, so it's real touching," added Marguerite Blackmon.

Myra was last seen wearing a turquoise sweater with a bear on front, white or khaki pants and pink tennis shoes.

The pink ribbons are being placed around the Canton Square to keep Myra's memory alive.

September 1, will mark six months since Myra's disappearance. 


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