Making a lifesaving match

South Mississippians turned out Wednesday afternoon to help folks in need of a bone marrow  transplant. Be The Match paired up with Pappa John's Pizza in Gulfport to bring more awareness to the need for  bone marrow donors and to get people on the donor registry.

Those who participated did a simple mouth swab.  Their results were then entered into the Be a Match database. If they are matched, they could now be called upon to donate blood, platelets or even bone marrow to save someone's life.

It's a cause Papa John's employees believe is worth supporting. "Somebody's got to do it, because  if you don't then it just goes unheard. Then you got little kids dying every day, the elderly dying every day when all it takes is just a cotton Q-tip swab, and 30 minutes at the hospital and you could save a life," said Josh Green.

Be the Match helps people with various blood diseases or in need of a bone marrow transplant. The organization hosts community events like the one in Gulfport, to get people onto its donor  registry. Wednesday's event featured pizza specials, prizes, snow cones and face painting to draw in the crowd.

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