Permanent solution passed to keeping on Freedom Field lights

The lights at Freedom Field in Ocean Springs are not only back on now, but also  there's a plan by the city to make sure they aren't turned off again. The Ocean Springs Board of Aldermen passed two motions Tuesday night.

The first was to apply for a grant to install solar panels at the field to reduce energy costs.  Originally, it was believed that the cost was the reason  the city turned off the lights. That sparked outrage from soccer players who play there.

The second motion, by Alderman Matt McDonnell, refunds the money to the three business owners who stepped in to pay for the field lights to stay on. McDonnell said the fiscal year is coming to a close, and the city is in the black. He said that means the city can afford to have the lights on at Freedom Field.

The aldermen agreed, and unanimously voted to give the money back or donate it to Disability Connections, a local group that helps those in need.

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