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Patients speak out about hospital data breach


Many viewers have reached out to WFXG after news of a hospital data breach that impacted Trinity Hospital in Augusta.

"I was like, oh my God, my 12-year-old daughter's information was there," said Tammy Stokes, a parent of a Trinity patient.

Stokes is worried what a hacker may do with her daughter's sensitive, and private information after a visit to Trinity Hospital. A foreign group bypassed security and stole anything from names to social security numbers.

"If they've got her physical description - she's 5'8" - and she fits just about every American female out there - so you put her social security number on a female matching her description - boom! they've got a scam going."

Stokes' daughter is one of the 4.5 million patients that could be impacted, at more than 200 hospitals in Community Health System's portfolio.

But the promise of a letter in the mailbox and a year of identity theft protection is not easing her fears.

"I even went online and tried to figure out what I could do as a parent to stop it from happening, and you can't even check their credit because they're not old enough to have a credit line," said Stokes.

But will she return to Trinity Hospital for care again?

"No! Well...maybe...I say no, but it happens everywhere!"

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