Ladner: Federal oversight of Harrison Co. jail needs to end

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - More than 300 people came out Tuesday for the annual "State of the County" address in Harrison County.

Board President Marlin Ladner told the crowd one of the budget challenges this year involves coming up with several million dollars the county owes, after getting an unfavorable court ruling about the assessment of Section 42 housing properties.

Ladner also talked about improvements being made at the Harrison County Jail, and said the U.S. Justice Department needs to drop its decades-old federal oversight of the lock-up.

"Enough is enough," Ladner said. "The citizens of Harrison County have put up both their monies and their efforts and all parties have worked diligently to get this taken care of, and it's time for the Justice Department to give us a break."

Ladner said if the Justice Department doesn't drop the consent decree, the county is ready to file suit in federal court to resolve the issue.

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