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Condos Going Up In Ocean Springs

Developer Tom Reynolds bought the old Sunset Beach Apartments last year.

"This was built about 1970. It had become pretty rundown," Reynolds says.

He's now clearing the spot to make room for Ocean Spring's first luxury condominiums.

"We're going to have elevators in each one of these units, formal dining rooms, 10 foot ceilings."

Reynolds says the three story condos will be built to ride out hurricanes that may threaten the Gulf Coast.

Claire Brou lives next door to the development, and is less than thrilled with her new high-rise neighbor. Brou's family has owned this spot off the beach for nearly a hundred years. She's settled here, and she doesn't want to lose the view of the of the beach.

"I'll just see the back of the parking lot, the townhouses, and a bunch of ugly stuff over there," Brou says.

The demolition work will only take a couple of days. Reynolds expects construction on the condos to begin in about ten days.

"I want to make this something that Ocean Springs will be proud of, I'll be proud of, the neighbors will be proud of, and of course, the owners will be proud of."

Reynolds says the ten condos should increase property values in the area and help the city move in a new direction. Prices for the Front Beach condos range from $175,000 to $250,000. Reynolds says seven of the ten units have already been sold.

By Jaimee Goad

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