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Hearing date set in McDaniel vs Cochran

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Special Judge Hollis McGehee has scheduled a status conference and hearing for 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 20,  in the Circuit Court Courtroom of the Jones County Courthouse in Laurel, in the matter of Chris McDaniel v. Thad Cochran. 

A scheduling order for further proceedings is expected to be set at that time. McDaniel is glad he's finally getting his day in court.

"This is bigger than me," said McDaniel. "It's not about a race anymore. It's not about a  campaign or candidacy. It's about making sure that this type of activity can never happen again."

There weren't any surprises in the lawsuit filed Thursday. McDaniel calls Hinds County the epicenter of election fraud. He says his team is STILL investigating and will have even more evidence before the special judge hears the case.

"I want the evidence to control the day of the end of the day," said McDaniel. "It's not about the subjective opinion on my part or some sort of anger or passion on my part. In fact I removed myself from a lot of those decision-making processes."

He's putting trust his legal team, saying he looked to them for the decision about whether they had a strong enough case.

"Here's what I hope. I hope we're able to utilize the mechanisms of the court to find where the fraud and the problems exist so we can root them out," said McDanie. "That's the first thing. This is more important than the new election. It's more important than me being a US Senator."

McDaniel has been criticized by some as being a "sore loser". He seems to be looking at the challenge as a newfound mission with wider impact.

"The elections process has to be tightened down and preserve the integrity of the process has to be something we save for future generations," added McDaniel. "And secondly, the integrity of the Republican primary and likewise the Democratic primary."

McDaniel says they didn't want this process to drag out this long. He put blame on delays in getting courthouse records after the election.

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