Report: Comic's family tree had roots in Pass Christian

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Did you know Robin Williams' mom was from Pass Christian? That's what a 12-year-old article posted in the Daily Gazette indicated. The late actor mentioned her South Mississippi roots in a 2002 story about his return to live comedy.

"Those of us with Southern mothers really are very lucky, I think," Williams told the writer. "There is just this weird combination of Tennessee Williams and Neil Simon. I mean, this 'Ya Ya Sisterhood" movie is like a documentary of my mom, who was from Pass Christian, Mississippi."

Williams' mom was Laurie McLaurin Smith Williams.  She may have lived in Pass Christian at one point in her life, but nobody there today knew that fact. We've checked around to see if anybody remembers hearing stories about Robin Williams' mom living in the Pass.  So far, we've come up empty.

Internet postings indicate she was a model from New Orleans.

Robin Williams' link to Mississippi goes beyond his mother. If you read about the comedian on the web, you find a family tree with deep roots in Mississippi. Were you aware his maternal great-great grandfather was Anselm J. McLaurin?

Who is McLaurin? He just happens to be the first Mississippi Governor elected after passage of the Mississippi Constitution (1890). McLaurin was governor from 1896-1900.

He was also a U.S. Senator (1894-95 and 1901-1909). McLaurin lived in Brandon.

Robin Williams died Monday in his California home. He was 63.

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