Fans remember the talents of Robin Williams

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As you wake up this morning, check out the WLOX Facebook page.  You'll see posts from fans of Robin Williams.  What you're writing gives all of us a better understanding what Robin Williams' life, and sudden death meant to many of you.

Your recollections about the actor's work on TV and on the big screen are poignant and powerful.

Shortly after we heard Robin Williams died, we posted a simple question on Facebook. We asked what you'll remember most about the comic genius.

Ironically, one of the first posts we saw had nothing to do with comedy. One person posted the Oh Captain My Captain scene from Dead Poets Society and said that 1:40 wrapped up his feelings better than anything he could write. Robin Williams earned an Academy Award nomination for his role in that movie, and later won an Oscar for his part in Good Will Hunting.

Others went back to the beginning. They referred to his breakout role as Mork – first on Happy Days, and then on Mork and Mindy.

One post remembered the whipped cream face in Mrs. Doubtfire. People talked about Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Popeye and so many other movie that brought joy to our lives.

In almost every comment we read, we were touched by words like genius, talent, and laughter – the characteristics that made Robin Williams one of a kind.

Laura Cook noted all of his talk show appearance were legend. And then she asked, "How can someone make other's lives so happy yet suffer inside so tragically?"

Mike Upchurch might have summarized the feelings of so many with his post. "I have been totally confused on what to write regarding this," he said. "It is sad. But then it's Robin Williams. Look forward to reaching the pearly gates and hearing Nanu Nanu."

Robin Williams was 63-years-old.

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