Sewage Problems In Helena Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

"That's your sewage, that's what you're looking at right there," says Hardware Store owner Bo Shelter.

Shelter knows sewage. He's helped most of the families in Helena fight their sewage problems for the past thirty years.

"It's just been a continuous problem with the people," Shelter says.

As he drove through the area with me, Shelter shared some of fixes and failures.

"We put a field drain on his tank twice. We put an extra 100 feet of field drain, and it still didn't work. That's all they can do is let it run out into their yard," Shelter says.

That shouldn't be a problem much longer.

"I know there were people in the neighborhood who didn't think it would ever happen," says Jackson County Supervisor Manly Barton.

After years of planning and working to get federal financing, Jackson County supervisors finally have everything they need to begin work on an underground sewage system.

Supervisor Manly Barton says contractors will start digging this week.

Resident David Kelton likes what he hears. After years of what he calls broken promises, Kelton only hopes this time it's for real.

"I just hope they get it all straightened out. I'd be glad to have a new sewer system,"Kelton says.

By this time next year, Helena residents hope sewer pipes running underground will mean a much more pleasant walk on the ground above.