Hollywood discovering South Mississippi

The movie industry is discovering South Mississippi. Film industry folks on the coast believe there's a lot of potential here and that this area is already seeing spill over from New Orleans, known as the new Hollywood because the film industry there is booming.

"I think it's unlimited," said Mississippi Gulf Coast Studios co-owner Paula Lindsay. "I mean I really think we're right on the cusp of something really big here. Because Louisiana is like the new Hollywood. All the business from L.A. has moved here."

Several films have already been shot in South Mississippi and right now a production company is on the coast working on a movie titled, "Impact Earth." According to Lindsay, "Impact Earth is actually the first film that we're filming in our studios, so we're really excited about it." She said the film is about a man trying to convince everyone that meteors are going to hit and he has to save the day.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Studios is renting the former Harrison County skate park and turning it into a movie sound stage. "This building is perfect for that, because you're able to build all your sets on stage, and we're seeing a lot of films in the process of coming in, so I'm hoping that we'll keep it filled, from here on out," said Lindsay.

Producers have already shot scenes at WLOX and also Gulf Coast Community College.

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