Jackson Co. authorities warn against Green Dot MoneyPak scam

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It may sound like a joke, but investigators in Jackson County say this is no laughing matter. Sheriff Charles Britt said if you get a call from a Detective Bendover, beware. It is part of a scam that is sweeping through Jackson County.

Britt said scammers are targeting the elderly through phone calls demanding bail money for a relative in jail in California or Mexico. Authorities say scammers instruct the victim to purchase and load a Green Dot MoneyPak card with cash, and then give them the access number.

"Anyone you share your card's number with will have instant access to your cash and can siphon the card dry," said Britt. "No law enforcement officer is going to call anyone and demand bail money."

Britt said scammers prefer to use the Green Dot MoneyPak re-loadable cards because they are convenient and untraceable.

Another Green Dot money scam making the rounds in Jackson County is on Craigslist. Britt said scammers claim they are selling a car, but they will only take a Green Dot MoneyPak for payment.

"The person thinks they are buying a car or truck, but really it's a scam and they are out quite a bit of money," said Britt.

Anyone with information about a Green Dot MoneyPak scam is asked to call Investigator Eddie Clark at 228-872-7997.

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