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Today's Most: Teacher passes out drunk without pants during first day of orientation

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -  TODAY'S MOST...Misbehaving teacher: Police in Oklahoma arrested a teacher who was drunk and not wearing pants during the first day teachers were at school.

Lorie Hill was found by two other teachers passed out without her pants on in a classroom. She'd walked into school and not checked in where other teachers were supposed to check in.

The teachers who found her didn't know who she was because she was a brand new teacher at Wagoner Public Schools. Police told FOX 23 Hill admitted she had been drinking, and they found vodka in her car.

There were no students at the school. They don't start until Thursday.

Hill's charged with public intoxication. Police say they couldn't charge her with DUI because there was no proof she drank on her way to school.

The school district told FOX the situation is a personnel matter, and would not comment further.

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