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Man pleads on charges related Cochran wife photo scandal

John Mary. Source: Madison Police Department John Mary. Source: Madison Police Department
MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

John Mary has pleaded guilty to charges related getting pictures or video of Senator Cochran's wife.  

The 61-year-old entered a plea to "conspiracy to violate the crime of posting messages, through electronic media, for purpose of causing injury."

Prosecutors say Mary will receive 5 years probation, and must continue to work with their office to avoid jail time.

Madison county District Attorney Michael Guest said, "John has been very cooperative from the beginning of the investigation, but for him, we would not have had some of the information we've been able to obtain so we wanted to continue to try to work with him, and further the investigation."

The court document, filed today in the circuit court of Madison County, says "On or about or between the dates of February, 2014 through April 2014, John B. Mary... did willfully, feloniously, and knowingly conspire with Clayton Kelly, Rick Sager, and Mark Mayfield to commit the crime of Posting Messages Through Electronic Media for Purpose of Causing Injury to Any Person, in that said individuals conspired to enter Saint Catherine's Village, a nursing home, to photograph R.C., a vulnerable adult, with the intent to post said photographs, without the victim's consent, on the Internet for the purpose of causing injury to another person or persons...."

Clayton Kelly was the one who allegedly snapped the picture of Rose Cochran.

Mark Mayfield, and Jackson attorney, and Tea Party leader took his own life in his Ridgeland home in June.

But documents seemed show he was chatting with others about how to make it happen, including "John Mary."

The first Facebook message was dated February 22 between Clayton Kelly and a man named John Bert. The cell number Bert gave Kelly is the one police later used to identify him as "John Mary".

The Madison Police believe the whole scheme started on Facebook.

Kelly and Sager's cases could be presented to the Madison County Grand Jury next month.

"John Mary is an important part in trying to tie together, for the prosecutor, all the individuals involved in this case, what their knowledge is, and when they obtained knowledge of what was going to happen," said Guest.

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