Biker Toy Run Rolls Into Biloxi

If you want to see hundreds of hard riding bikers descend on you en mass, then just give them a good excuse.

"Yeah we try to uphold the best image we possibly can," said Asgard Public Relations Director Smokey.

For members of the Asgard Motorcycle Club, there's no better excuse to rendezvous, than their annual Christmas toy run.

"We've got personal relationships with a lot of the people in this area, the businesses, says Smokey.

"We've been doing it for 20 years so we've got it down to a pretty good T," he added.

More than 800 members participated in this years toy run to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Biloxi.

A tremendous turn out that the Knights say will make a tremendous difference to a lot of children.

"Yeah, they really have big hearts when it comes to the children," says Grand Knight Billy Gollott.

Asgard representatives say many factors play a part in huge turnout for this annual event, such as: the date, the weather, and the overall mood of the country.

However, one constant factor is the Asgard unending desire to help all kids have a Merry Christmas.

Catholic Charities handle the distribution of the toys.

"There's a definite need to help out, and the Asgards keep getting more and more people in every year," said Sister Rebecca Rutkowski with Catholic Social and Community Services.

In fact they've worked with the Biloxi Fire Department for the past two years and are now working to coordinate their efforts with those other toy drive veterans the U.S. Marine Corp.

A formidable force worthy of thanks, and everyone's respect.