Moss Point Pastor Stabbed Wife To Death, Police Say

"He would say if I see anybody in this house, I'm going to straight up kill you," said family friends and witness Anthony Moulds.

Police say Hicks came over to his wife's apartment Saturday night and assaulted her with a knife.

Witnesses say Lena Hicks then burst through the window to get help and died on the lawn. They believe it was all an act of jealousy.

"I saw the young man sitting on the sofa inside. He had his hands on his face and he was crying, because the whole window was out," said neighbor Ruth McClinton.

"It's a fine line between sanity and insanity. I guess he lost it for a few minutes and didn't know where he was," said friend L.C. Fairley.

"I can't believe it happened like this," said Moulds.

Moulds says he's still trying to understand how his friend and Pastor could have allegedly committed such a brutal crime.

"I felt like he was a good man because he used to help me and he used to try and calm me down when I was upset about something," Moulds adds.

But for now, all any of these residents can do is mourn the death of a woman, they say, was taken way too soon.

"She was a fine lady, a beautiful lady. And she will be missed," said Fairley.

After being stabbed, witnesses say Hicks shot his wife after she ran outside. However, police have not confirmed Lena Hicks was shot, or that jealousy was the motive. The case is under investigation.

Hicks and his wife also have four older children. Amos Hicks is in jail without bond.