South Mississippians Search For The Perfect Christmas Tree

South Mississippi families have so many options to choose from as they search for the perfect Christmas tree.

"We have frazier fir, balsam fir, black hill spruce, blue spruce, scotch pine," said tree lot owner Allen Helsel.

So what do people look for when picking out the perfect tree?

Well that depends on who you ask.

"We look for a tree that is fresh and that is well shaped. And smells good," Dr. Carlos Teran.

"I want one that's not too sharp, that you know , they don't prick you fingers. And something that I know is going last at least a good month 'cause we'll keep it up until at least New Year's Day,"said Cara Pruitt.

For some, finding the perfect tree means having to do a little modifying to make sure it fits just right.

"My wife drives me crazy. It's got to be exactly 8 feet, and she always gets it 8 ft. 4 and I have to cut off half of it. And it usually takes her 2 or 3 days to get one but she found one today, so I'm tickled to death of that," said Jackie Laird.

Others keep it simple.

"A big one," said Amber Cano.

"A Christmas tree. Do you like a big or a little Christmas tree? A little one," said Hailey Cano.

But whatever tree suits your fancy, hopefully a happy holiday will surround it.