Gift Cards Likely To Top Holiday Shopping Lists This Year, Survey Says

This time of year, holiday shoppers hit the stores in search of the perfect gift for those on their list.

But for some, finding that perfect gift could be a challenge.

That's just why many retailers like this JC Penny's in Gautier offer gift cards.

It's an item which store managers say also helps boost their post holiday profits.

"I think it's usually 40% over of the price of the gift card is usually what the average sale is. That is a big plus for us," store manager Anthony Berutti says.

Cashier Jennifer Arnold says when it comes to the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, purchasing a gift card is a win-win situation.

"You're giving them the opportunity to pick out what they like," Arnold says.

"It's so much easier. You can run in, get a gift card and run out. You don't have to go through looking," Shopper Patty Shaw says.

Although Tina Turek loves to shop for clothes with her friends, she says during the holiday season she would never dream of purchasing anything other than a gift card for her children.

"It's more convenient because my children are so picky and our tastes are definitely not the same. It's easier for mama to put 100 or 200 dollars on a gift card and say Merry Christmas. You can go get it yourself. They'll be no problems," Turek says.

Other shoppers like Patty Shaw say it's the thought that counts, and the convenience of buying a gift card could backfire.

"Some people are like well you didn't take the time out. This didn't come from your heart because it's a piece of plastic.

So before you grab that convenient card, check your list twice and make sure the person you're buying it for likes it's convenience too.